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How might we empower employees to build the future?

While consulting with companies at co: collective, a couple of things became obvious. One, companies were having trouble innovating, making it hard to compete. Two, they were having even more trouble retaining the young talent that would help them drive innovation. 

Many platforms existed to get employees involved in the innovation process. But no platforms existed to empower employees to drive the innovation process themselves, to learn and grow in the process, and to feel more engaged and happy. And, hopefully, stay at their jobs a little longer. That's why we made Doable.


Give them a process

A repeatable 3-step process gives employees the structure they need to take their ideas from concept to pitch, to prototype.

Give them a voice

Everyone at every level of the company can contribute ideas. Together, the group decides which ideas should move on to the next phase.

Give them the tools

In the second phase of the process, employees are challenged to develop and refine ideas. They are walked through a set of tasks that they must complete in order to think through the details and get their ideas pitch-ready. 

Facilitate collaboration

Because innovation works best when people with diverse skill-sets work together, Doable includes tools that facilitate cross-departmental collaboration. Employees can also promote hidden talents that they don't normally get to use at work.

Make it transparent

Doable allows everyone to follow along, learning together what works and what doesn't. Image, video or text updates and custom email functionality create extra opportunities for communication.

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Creative direction, UX, UI, user research, prototyping, testing, and copy writing 

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